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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Francis Rooney R-FL  CSPAN  December 28, 2016 11:25pm-11:30pm EST

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announcer 2: the newly elected 115th congress comes in tuesday, january 3. watch our coverage on c-span. here is one of the new members to be sworn in, republican francis rooney, who will represent part of florida's gulf coast. representative elect francis rooney, supporting republicans in florida, tell us what you were doing before you decided to run. francis rooney: i never thought i would run for public office. i have been mostly in the foreign policy area, but i am so what has about happened to our country in the last eight years that when kirk lawson quite unexpectedly decided not to seek reelection, my wife and i talked about it and decided maybe i could do better there than the writing and criticizing of the president obama's policies that i've been trying to do effectively the last eight years.
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>> when did you start your career and what were you doing? francis rooney: i have spent most of my career in business. i have built up many businesses around the united states and latin america and other parts of the world. we started small and fortunately back in the 1980's, a man named ronald reagan became president and swept away a lot of oppressive regulations and reformed the tax codes to stimulate investment. i think we need that right now. i have done government service during the george w. bush administration. submissions and diplomatic activities that culminated and -- with being the ambassador of the holy see 2005 and 2008. >> what was your work in the ambassadorship role? francis rooney: it was a great time to go to the holy see because we were fighting a global war on terror and pope benedict was the first to speak up against the evils of radical islam and the need to work constructively with the world of the koran and bring it in two consensus with modern-day life, 20th century life. we're not going back to the 10th century, they have to conform to
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ours. >> how do you think your business background, successful business background, your work in the government, helped prepare you for being a member of congress? francis rooney: i hope it will make me effective, because i understand a lot of the problems that are being talked about and legislated upon from the user perspective. i have been the victim of oppressive regulations like the obama administrations epa restriction. i have been the victims of oppressive regulations at construction sites instead of working constructively with companies to work safe and take care of our workers. i have seen the impacts of our government in a real wide way and hopefully that will make me effective. i have spent a great deal of with foreigneeting leaders, working with foreign companies and doing business in latin america and hopefully that will make me be effective in , representing both district 19 and our country. >> you have been called a republican mega-donor. francis rooney: i have given a lot of money my life to the
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republican candidates, whose philosophies and values we believe in. we thought that was part of our civic duty. not give us a wonderful company, and we want to get back to the community in many ways, and i think getting back to the party that shows your ideals is one part of public service. >> do you think the fact you spent your own money on this congressional seat impact the world of what you will do out here? francis rooney: i did spend my money because i did not have a political track record. i started as an outsider and neophyte and newcomer to politics. really impactot my campaign. i don't feel any reason to ever take money in my direct campaign. we have been raising funds to raise awareness of this in southwest florida like the funding for the restoration of the everglades.
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as far as my campaign goes, we are ready to be independent thinking in all respects. >> have you figured out where you will live in washington while you balance going back and forth? francis rooney: we have a place in georgetown. we have two children who live out here. years ago we realized that buying a house would be better than spending all that money on hotels. >> are you bonding with your children? francis rooney: we actually have et, and then stre children lived three blocks from there. >> thank you for spending some time with c-span. francis rooney: thank you for having me on. have a nice day. announcer 2: joint is on tuesday for opening coverage of the new congress. theh the swearing-in at house and senate and the election of the speaker of the house. all-day live coverage of the events on capitol hill begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span and


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